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Behind on my Blog - Big Time

I am so behind on my Blog it isn't even funny. I have done several sessions and have over 700 Fan likes on my Facebook page. A lot has changed... I have had to give myself breaks during the month, so that I can have two days a mont to have family days. If I don't I book up all my weekends and have no time with family.

I have learned how to shoot RAW and edit faster in Lightroom and do the other corrections in Photoshop and then save it back to lightroom. This makes importing and exporting so much faster. Depending on what types of corrections I have to do. I can get a 1-hour session (20+ images) done in 30 minutes. This makes things lots faster!

I have 3 weddings booked and am working on getting electronic paperwork completed on 17hats.

I never dreamed it would take off like this, but am so thankful that it did! All of my sessions have gone reasonable well and all my clients have had wonderful things to say about me!

Here are some of my favorites from some of the most recent sessions! <3

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