Why are engagement sessions so important?

July 23, 2018



1. You're Able to Get To Know Your Photographer

The engagement session is the perfect opportunity for you to spend some time with your photographer before your wedding day. Your photographer will get to see how you and your fiance interact with one another, and can better direct you two into natural, flattering, and authentic poses. When you build a relationship with your photographer, it will allow you a level of comfort and trust. You will receive images that you can use for your save-the-dates, wedding website, or wedding day display.

2. You're Able To Become Comfortable In Front Of The Camera

Spending 90 minutes in front of the camera is the key to preventing stiff and uncomfortable looking photos. When I ask a couple to talk to each other and pretend like I'm not there, there is this look. That tells me that the couple may be a little nervous of the unexpected. It's natural to have a feeling of uncertainty in the beginning. When I begin an engagement session, I let the couple know a few things up front about what to expect in order make them relax, and while it may take a few minutes to get into the swing of things, we always get to the point where their true personalities come alive! On occasion, the groom-to-be is not as thrilled as his future bride is to be spending a portion of his morning or afternoon openly showing his affection. So this time to connect on a more personal level can really save valuable time on the wedding day. Consider your wedding photography as an investment in a lifetime of memories. Your ability to relive those moments from the wedding day is most likely what you expect from your photographer and that’s understandable, so ensuring you are comfortable in front of the camera will add value to your experience in the long run. Trust me!

3. Your Session Can Serve As A Hair and Make-Up Trial

When a bride is selecting the wedding professionals that are going to make her even more beautiful on her wedding day, she is not going to go into this agreement blindly. Most brides have a hair and/or make-up trial scheduled prior to the wedding to ensure they have the perfect look on their wedding day. Combining this trial with the engagement session is the perfect opportunity to see how you are going to look on camera on the wedding day (minus the gown). Not only does it serve as a trial, but typically brides that come to their session with professional make-up application feel great about how it is all coming together and have a better understanding of what adjustments, if any, need to be made for the wedding day. Women that typically wear little to no make-up daily may feel overwhelmed about the finished look from a professional make-up artist, but when they see their images it’s almost always a decision they were happy about. If you don't have time to schedule something before the Engagement session, a Boudoir Session is an amazing substitute!

4. Your Engagement Is Complimentary In All Wedding Packages

If by chance you’ve won a complimentary engagement session at a bridal show, for example, I would still recommend a second engagement session. The price of the wedding package will not change if you decide not to use it. I have my own own style and way of giving direction. So the session that you won from another photographer may be completely different from the one you'll receive with me!

5. You're Able To Get Creative Photos

How often do you get to do something that you really enjoy with your fiancé where there is a professional photographer there documenting the moment? I say that jokingly but there’s also some truth to it. Your session should be focused on what makes you two click! Think of that first date that you two went on, or things you love to do together, or the special moment when your fiancé proposed, or maybe even the location where you met. There are so many things that you can incorporate into your engagement session to make it fun and unique!

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